Beyond All Dreams

Written by Elizabeth Camden
Review by Cindy Vallar

An inaccuracy in the historical record compels librarian Anna O’Brien to question the navy’s investigation into the loss of her father’s ship. That jeopardizes not only her job, but those of the other female librarians, since no one made their temporary hiring at the Library of Congress permanent. Determined to learn the truth, she seeks help from a handsome, yet arrogant, congressman.

After a failed attempt to prove congressional corruption, Luke Callahan needs another crusade to pursue and the quiet, sharp-witted librarian intrigues him enough to help her. But the deeper they delve, the more dangerous the truth becomes – not only for themselves, but also the nation.

This inspirational romance opens in late 1897, when relations between the United States, Spain, and Cuba are tenuous. From the Capitol to the Library of Congress, Anna’s passion for her work shines through, transporting the reader into her world. Washington, DC, societal constraints, and ingenious inventions (think typewriter or flashlight) spring to life before the reader’s eyes. Camden tackles alcoholism and abuse with realism, while demonstrating how having faith, stepping outside of comfort zones, and trusting in others can overcome adversity to realize dreams. Highly recommended.