Best Kept Secret: The Clifton Chronicles, Book III


One has to admire a man who not only does it all but also lives to write about it. Archer’s series, The Clifton Chronicles, follows the arc of an Englishman’s life from his chance conception, tumultuous school days, arrest and imprisonment (Only Time Will Tell, 2012), until he becomes a best-selling author (The Sins of the Fathers, 2012).

The one barrier to happiness Harry cannot overcome—the identity of his father—prevents his marriage to the woman he loves. When Best Kept Secret opens in 1945, Harry and his beloved Emma Harrington, and Emma’s brother, Giles, are waiting for no less than the House of Lords to decide their fate.

Archer’s plot-driven novels are hard to discuss without spoilers, but readers may be sure that if Harry settles down, his son Sebastian (too naive to be a Harrington-Clifton) will shake things up. When villains from Harry’s past join forces with his newest enemies—the book is full of haters—they lay a trap for his son, thus leading up to a shocking cliffhanger. To find out who suffers most, fans will have to wait for the next installment of this fast-moving adventure series written by a master.

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