Bellfield Hall: Or, The Observations of Miss Dido Kent


Spinster Dido Kent rushes to grand Bellfield Hall to help her niece solve the mystery of the latter’s fiancé, who has thrown her over and vanished. What Dido finds is a group of disparate people who all have secrets to hide—especially the missing young man’s wealthy parents. A woman’s body discovered in the estate’s shrubbery complicates the situation. Dido is hindered in her quest by the restrictions imposed on a single woman in 1805. She manages to use this to her advantage to delve into the houseguests’ darkest fears. What she discovers makes her wonder if the fiancé is a victim or a murderer.

Sharp and resourceful Dido’s investigation is partially revealed in amusing and bemused letters to her sister. Dido comments on the other houseguests and their foibles and her growing attraction to a colonel who may also be a suspect. Her astute remarks on the era and people’s behavior adds flavor to the story. With period detail, and clues that twist and turn, the novel will keep historical mystery fans guessing and engaged. Dido Kent is a Miss Marple of the Regency era. This is the beginning of a clever new series.

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Jenny Barden's masterful novel about the lost colony of Roanoke.







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A Moment of Silence

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