Becoming Lady Lockwood

Written by Jennifer Moore
Review by Fiona Alison

Amelia Beckett is a very contented widow. Forced into a proxy marriage with Lawrence Blake, she’s not displeased when the groom dies before she ever sets eyes on him. Already the mistress of a large Spanish Town sugar plantation, she now stands to inherit a great deal more money. When Captain William Blake arrives at her door to inform her that he is contesting her father’s jointure claim against his deceased brother’s estate, she is ordered to leave for England immediately on the Captain’s naval warship.

Used to long days of backbreaking work, Amelia can hardly sit idle—she offers assistance in the galley, the surgery, even on deck. Captain Blake’s official naval instructions take the ship into hostile French territory where a battle ensues. Whilst undergoing repairs, the ship is boarded and the crew taken hostage. Amelia devises a plan to rescue her Captain and his men and it becomes clear a plot is afoot devised by Amelia’s estranged father, Admiral Beckett.

Most of this sweet debut romance takes place aboard ship. Themes of honor, friendship, loyalty, duty, and diligence coalesce into a well-researched story that is missing some elements of traditional Regency but does not suffer for this lack in any way. Amelia is open and friendly; Captain Blake circumspect and formal, an able seaman, and a rather less able romantic. But he is brought around by his very personable first lieutenant. This book will more than satisfy lovers of the genre.