Beauchamp Besieged

Written by Elaine Knighton
Review by Cindy Vallar

In 1200 Ceridwen ap Morgan’s father arranges for her to wed her enemy, an English knight. She’d rather not, but there is no other way for the Welsh to survive. Sir Raymond de Beauchamp doesn’t want to wed, either, but does want the land offered as her dowry. Even for their marriage in name only to work, Raymond and Ceridwen must first confront their different cultures and the past. Unless they learn to love each other and live in harmony, neither will survive the onslaught of Raymond’s evil brother and overlord.

The author quickly transports the reader back in time and weaves an intricate story of the conflict between the Welsh and the English with a struggle that pits brother against brother. A satisfying tale of fully-developed characters that remain true to their assigned roles in history.