Arms Of Deliverance


Subtitled “A Story of Promise,” this is the fourth of the author’s Christian works that focus on World War II. It tells the story of three women whose lives become entwined in wartime Europe of 1944. Katrine, a blond Jewess hiding in Belgium, finds herself pregnant by a married SS officer named Hendrick. As the plot unfolds, she learns he may have an ulterior motive, manifested in his connection to the Nazi Lebensborn program. Meanwhile, two newspaper women in America seek to cover the war in Europe. Lee, trying to remake her fashion girl image, volunteers to go on the Normandy landings. The other, Mary, who is really the main character, hitches a ride on a B-17 bound for Berlin, a trip that will ultimately connect her to the unfortunate Katrine. In the tattered threads of the remaining Nazi presence, she finds not only peace for herself, but a future calling as well.

The work suffers from its multiplicity of main characters. Although the author rather neatly ties their stories together in the end, the reader is apt to be confused in the early chapters. Many will likely find their stories, especially the Jewess who hides her identity by becoming the lover of an astonishingly evil SS officer, too incredible to be believed. On the other hand, the book succeeds as a story of faith and redemption, as long as one doesn’t look too deeply into the motivations of the women, or question the coincidences that abound in its pages.

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