An Invisible Murder


This is the fourth novel in the series featuring the gifted cook and amateur detective, Jenny Starling. She is the beautiful and curvy antidote to the usual run of slender heroines, and the book has many mouthwatering descriptions of food, which may well have you raiding the fridge, so perhaps best to avoid when hungry. Otherwise, this is an entertaining and appetising murder mystery, in the traditional English setting of a stately home.

Jenny Starling has moved into the castle to take up her new position as cook, but within a few days she is embroiled into helping discover the murderer of the governess, Ada Simmons. The twist in the tale is that the murder has apparently been committed in full view of many witnesses, and yet not one of them saw anything. Clues are left at suitable intervals, so when you look back, it makes perfect sense even if you don’t pick up on it at the time. Did the butler do it? Or was it one of the other characters? The suspect list is limited, in the style of Agatha Christie, but the scenes below and above stairs are well done and contrast interestingly, and the characters are distinct and memorable. Overall, therefore, this is an entertaining book which does not challenge the little grey cells too much. Recommended and easily digested as a light and interesting read.

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