Across the Years


Second in the Desert Roses series, Across the Years takes readers into the lives of another Harvey Girl and her friends and family. Ashley Reynolds, a deli clerk for the Prescott, Arizona, hotel, takes care of her young daughter Natalie and her beloved grandfather Russell. But she carries a deep burden of the loss of her husband, Ethan, in World War I, and the rejection by her parents after their marriage. Now, in 1929, Ashley faces the death of her grandpa and the beginning of a new life.

As Ashley struggles with her grandpa’s cancer and her faith in God, she meets a newcomer to the town, E.J. Carson. E.J., an architect working on a new Harvey Hotel in town, finds a little friend in Natalie, and Natalie, wanting a new daddy more than anything, introduces him to Ashley. Meanwhile, Russell asks Ashley for a huge favor: invite her mother and aunt to visit Russell before his passing. Ashley’s fears about her mother’s disposition and her growing attraction to E.J. make for an exciting read, not to mention the many surprises in store for the reader.

Fans of inspirational fiction will have no trouble jumping into Peterson’s latest, though I’d suggest starting with the first book in the series, Shadows of the Canyon.



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