A Texan’s Choice

Written by Shelley Gray
Review by Cindy Vallar

1874: Scout Proffitt, notorious gunslinger, arrives at the Bar C. He won the fifty-acre Texas ranch in a card game but never dreamed that his desire to start a new life would get him a spread built of broken dreams. Nor does he reckon on Rose, whom mother and sister abandon after they bury her father. When an old acquaintance offers Scout the chance to expunge his criminal past, Scout agrees to hunt down rustlers stealing his brother-in-law’s cattle.

Blamed for the accidental death of her brother when she was eight, Rose has never belonged, never known love. She should be frightened of the black-clad killer, but leaving the Bar C and striking out on her own would only terrify her more. She convinces Scout to allow her to stay for a short while to clean and cook, but the citizens of Broken Promise don’t look kindly on living in sin.

The showdown with the rustlers fails to live up to the danger initially depicted and happens too swiftly. In spite of this, Gray weaves sadness and despair, spiced with humor and love, into an inspirational story of redemption that tugs at the reader’s heart.