A Regimental Murder


This is the second mystery for Captain Lacey, cashiered cavalry officer of the 35th Light Dragoons. While walking near the Thames one evening, he sees a woman, elegantly dressed, walk out alone along the span of a bridge still being built. Intrigued, he continues to watch. When the man she meets on the bridge pulls out a knife, he rushes to her rescue, and directly into his next case. It turns out that Mrs. Westin’s husband, Colonel Roehampton Westin, has admitted to the killing of Captain Spencer in the rioting after the battle of Badajoz in 1812. However, Mrs. Spencer does not believe her husband, who has just died himself, was capable of such an act. She believes several titled Army officers were responsible, and begs Captain Lacey to clear her husband’s name. Subplots containing characters introduced in the first book, The Hanover Square Affair, add to the substance of this volume. Colonel Brandon, formerly Captain Lacey’s commanding officer and now his enemy, plays a large role. Mrs. Brandon and the enigmatic James Denis also reappear. While this book can easily be read on its own, having the background of the first in the series adds to the reading experience. Gardner deftly evokes 1816 London. I hope this will be a long series–I am already looking forward eagerly to the next volume.



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