A Proper Mistress


If you are in the mood to pamper yourself, grab a hot cup of tea, a large bar of chocolate, and Shannon Donnelly’s latest Regency romance. You’ll feel relaxed in no time! Lovely Molly Sweet is in a bit of a pickle. A wonderful cook, Molly dreams of opening her own inn and restaurant. However, while Molly has plenty of business acumen and culinary skill, she is decidedly short on cash. So, the sensible Molly must toil away as the head cook in one of London’s most famous brothels. At least, that is, until the madam she works for hatches a plan to net Molly all the money she needs to buy her own inn. Theodore Winslow is looking for a wife and only the most improper ladies need apply. For Theo has one goal in mind: he must protect his wild older brother, Terrance, from disinheritance even if he has to ruin his own reputation to do so. Surely, Theo’s “marriage” to a common strumpet will convince his aristocratic father to settle his estate on Terrance. Yet, the woman that has been hand picked to “play” the role of his betrothed isn’t quite what he expected.

Donnelly’s delightful tale of mistaken identity will charm you from the very beginning. Well-developed, engaging characters, a fast-moving plot, and a deep knowledge of the Regency time period combine to make A Proper Mistress a sure bet.

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