A Lady Most Lovely

Written by Jennifer Delamere
Review by Amy Watkin

Tom Poole left Victorian England in a rush and under mysterious circumstances seven years ago. Now he has returned a wealthy man, hoping to become both a gentleman and a better Christian, two goals that, based on the behavior of other “gentlemen” in his midst, seem completely contradictory.

Margaret Vaughn catches Tom’s eye, but she is engaged to another man and has larger concerns than love. Margaret finds herself barely maintaining appearances while she struggles to hold on to the legacy left by her father. Tom and Margaret’s worlds collide in electric, sometimes violent, ways, leaving readers wondering if they can find love together when the only people able to keep them apart are themselves. Both of them must learn when to fight and when to surrender to their desire, and both must also determine when to hold on to what’s been left, and when to let go and begin a brand new legacy.

Readers will appreciate the way the plot swerves early in the book, away from historical romance’s traditional love triangle angst and into a complex, character-driven climax. It’s easy to care about Tom and Margaret and their world, yet difficult to predict what will happen to them.