A Covent Garden Mystery


Captain Lacey has been called in to help investigate the mysterious disappearances of two street girls in Covent Garden. It appears that a man in an expensive carriage asked these women to meet him there. Lacey has friends and acquaintances amongst the other street girls, and may be able to make more progress than the River Police and a Runner has. At the same time, Lacey is grappling with tension in his own life. James Denis, the very powerful man who is trying to get Lacey under his control, has brought Lacey’s wife back from France, accompanied by her “husband” and Gabriella, the daughter Lacey last saw so many years ago. Denis will arrange for a divorce – something very difficult to obtain – so that Lacey can move pursue his relationship with Lady Breckenridge. The two plotlines converge when Gabriella also goes missing from Covent Garden.

Lacey’s ability to move amongst members of both the upper and lower classes allows the author to paint a picture of widely different facets of life in Regency London. In this volume, Lucius Grenville, Lacey’s friend and an arbiter of fashion, begins to be seen more openly with Marianne, his mistress and a former actress. The ripples this causes amongst Grenville’s and Lacey’s liberal friends are interesting to observe. This series continues to delight.

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