A Broken Land


Jack Ludlow is the pen name of David Donachie, author of many historical novels, Roman, naval, mediaeval, and now this The Roads to War trilogy. A Broken Land is the second novel in the series, set in Spain as General Franco is about to return in 1936, the period known as the Revolt of the Generals. Hero, Cal Jardine, one time gunrunner and general rascal, finds himself in Spain doing a simple task for a friend and is pulled into the conflict through his lover, Florencia Gardiola, and the young British athletes in Spain training for the Olympiad, who want to fight. And that’s just the beginning. It’s a complex plot, but never dull or predictable.

A Broken Land is well plotted, well researched, and full of action – an exciting read. It would probably help to have read the first book in the trilogy, but it is not necessary. This novel stands alone. The plot involves several characters who were real people, and the incredible complexities of the Spanish Civil War are not glossed over or ignored during the adventures, but highlighted by Jardine’s activities. The novel is more than an adventure story, and readers who would like a better understanding of the Civil War will gain both that and an enjoyable read.

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