Arleigh Johnson

The King’s Curse

By Philippa Gregory - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, is an often mentioned background character in Tudor fiction. Though her name is well known, her life as ...Read Review

Madame Tussaud’s Apprentice

By Kathleen Benner Duble - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

Shortly before the Reign of Terror breaks out during the French Revolution, Celie Rousseau loses her family to hunger. She is saved on ...Read Review

Sophie, In Shadow

By Eileen Kernaghan - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

After her parents die in the sinking of the Titanic, Sophie Pritchard begins having terrifyingly realistic nightmares and premonitions, escalated by the coming ...Read Review

The Devil in Montmartre

By Gary Inbinder - Published 2014



A macabre murder mystery with a host of intriguing characters, including a clever detective, the artist Toulouse-Lautrec, and Inbinder’s own protagonists from ...Read Review

Juliet’s Nurse

By Lois Leveen - Published 2014


One of the more overlooked characters from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is Angelica, the nurse. A prequel rather than a retelling, this ...Read Review

The Johnstown Girls

By Kathleen George - Published 2014



The Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood of 1889 remains one of the deadliest weather-related disasters in United States history, killing more than 2,200 and leaving the town ...Read Review

The Painter’s Apprentice

By Charlotte Betts - Published 2013


On the cusp of England’s Glorious Revolution, a family is drawn into dangerous political events while desperately trying to save their safe-house ...Read Review

The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street

By Susan Jane Gilman - Published 2014


Lillian Dunkle, celebrated matriarch of the ice cream business, recounts her life from penniless immigrant to food tycoon. Because it is written as ...Read Review

Heaven Made

By SaraLynn Hoyt - Published 2013



After the death of her husband, Sabrina Tremaine flees from her lascivious brother-in-law, taking a position through a Ladies’ Employment Agency. The work ...Read Review

The Funeral Dress

By Susan Gregg Gilmore - Published 2013


Spanning three decades in the mid-20th century, this story follows two women from a small mountain town in Tennessee who work side-by-side ...Read Review