Colonial America

The Age of Witches

By Louisa Morgan - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

In 1692 Massachusetts, Bridget Byshop is hanged as a witch and leaves two daughters who pass very different magical traditions to their descendants in ...Read Review

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home: A Welcome to Night Vale Novel

By Jeffrey Cranor - By Joseph Fink - Published 2020


Historical FantasyThriller

This multi-genre novel opens in Night Vale, a fictional town in the American Southwest where ghosts, angels, and specters dwell. In 2011 an old ...Read Review

A Roll of the Bones

By Trudy J. Morgan-Cole - Published 2019


Orphaned as a child, Nancy spent most of her life as a servant in the Gale household. Close in age to the family’...Read Review

Carrying Independence (A Founding-Documents Novel)

By Karen A Chase - Published 2019



All Nathaniel needs to collect is six signatures. If he does, he’ll have enough money to court the woman he loves and ...Read Review

Uncommon Woman

By Laura Frantz - Published 2020



In the western Virginia borderlands, Tessa Swan, her mother and five brothers run Swan Station, a large ranch near the ferry crossing of ...Read Review


By TaraShea Nesbit - Published 2020



American history reveres the Pilgrims, families seeking to escape persecution and freely practice their religion in the New World. Yet a colony devoted ...Read Review

Never Pleasing to the World: A Man and His Slaves

By Peggy Patterson Garland - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Spanning the years 1731 to 1804, this debut novel tells the story of Robert Carter III, a Virginian who deserves to be better known. Born ...Read Review

Blood In The Valley

By Jean M. Roberts - Published 2019



Blood in the Valley begins with a young woman marrying a fine man and leaving her parents’ home to live in Cherry Valley, ...Read Review

The Involuntary American: A Scottish Prisoner’s Journey to the New World

By Carol Gardner - Published 2018



Thomas Doughty was born into a poor farming family in the Scottish Lowlands during the run of bad harvests of the Little Ice ...Read Review

The Serpent, The Puma, and The Condor

By Gayle Marie - Published 2019


In scope, Marie’s debut novel describes the fall of the Inca Empire, but in essence, it tells the remarkable life story of ...Read Review

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