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Keira Morgan’s The Importance of Sons: Chronicles of the House of Valois

INTERVIEW BY M.N. STROH At the age of five, Keira Morgan received a book about England’s queens from her grandmother. This ...Read Article

Launch: Brodie Curtis’s Angels and Bandits

INTERVIEW BY WAHEED RABBANI Brodie Curtis mentions on his website that F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said, “there are no second acts in American ...Read Article

Secrets, Spies and Space Travel: The Lunar Housewife by Caroline Woods

BY LISA REDMOND The Lunar Housewife (Doubleday, June 2022) is Caroline Woods’ second novel; a tale of an ambitious young woman in New York ...Read Article

Resources on Ancient Foodways

BY B.J. SEDLOCK If you are writing a story about people in history you almost have to know about the food those ...Read Article

Londoners Battle the Bubonic Plague in The Hemlock Cure by Joanne Burn

BY DENISE MORAN People today face a better chance of not succumbing to the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) disease by becoming vaccinated. People who ...Read Article

Launch: Mary Anna Evans’s The Physicist’s Daughter

INTERVIEW BY REBEKAH SIMMERS Rebekah Simmers talks to award-winning author Mary Anna Evans on her latest novel,  The Physicists’ Daughter. The first of ...Read Article

A Conversation with Lianne Dillsworth, author of Theatre of Marvels

BY DR. ELISABETH LENCKOS Theatre of Marvels (Harper, 2022) takes place in Black Victorian London, a diverse, fascinating world with which many readers, even ...Read Article

LAUNCH: Tamar Anolic’s The Lonely Spirit

INTERVIEW BY LESLIE S. LOWE Tamar Anolic is a writer who specializes in historical fiction and military fiction. Her short stories have been ...Read Article

Launch: Evie Hawtrey’s And By Fire

INTERVIEW BY ANNE EASTER SMITH Evie Hawtrey (latest iteration of long-time historical novelist Sophie Perinot) is a Yank by birth but a sister-in-spirit ...Read Article

Launch: Liz Harris’s Hanoi Spring

INTERVIEW BY TRACEY WARR Liz Harris is the author of fourteen novels. Her latest book, set in 1930s Hanoi, has just been published ...Read Article

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