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Malaysian writer Yangsze Choo’s debut novel, THE GHOST BRIDE, is a Carnegie Medal nominee and an Oprah.com Book of the Week. Set in 1890s colonial Malaya and the elaborate Chinese afterlife, with its ghost cities and burned paper offerings, it’s about a young woman who finds herself betrothed to a dead man. Yangsze eats and reads too much and can often be found doing both at her blog (www.yschoo.com)

From my website

How to Poach Eggs in Their Shells

A few days ago, we had some friends over for brunch and I decided to serve poached eggs on rice. “Is this going to be raw?” they asked in surprise, as I blithely started to crack eggs over the cooked rice in their bowls. Fortunately, the eggs were actually poached…

My Ill-Fated Elephant Detective Novel

Everyone has a mistake or two hidden in their closet. Mine just happens to be elephant-sized. A number of people have very kindly (and probably untruthfully) expressed an interest in seeing my ill-fated elephant detective novel. This was the first book that I attempted to write, and it was a…

Play With Your Food

When I was a little girl, my sister and I loved to play with our food. We had to do this surreptitiously because my mum frowned upon anything that looked like wasting food or making a mess, but one of our favourite games, which could be played under the radar…

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