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Author Xina Marie Uhl lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and assorted furry and scaly pets. The setting of her first novel, NECROPOLIS, has been heavily influenced by her interest in ancient history. She holds both a BA and an MA in history. In addition to fiction writing, she teaches college history courses and writes educational materials. When she isn’t reading and writing, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and planning new travel adventures.

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How Jessica Mitford Exposed A $48m Scam From America’s Literary Establishment

Xina Marie Uhl:A disgusting look at the duplicitous of the publishing industry. Originally posted on David Gaughran: Jessica Mitford took on the American funeral industry, the California Department of Corrections, and the Ku Klux Klan, but it was her 1970 exposé of The Famous Writers School which led to Time…

Antarctica’s farthest frontier: The strange story of the Pole of Inaccessibility Station.

Xina Marie Uhl:Interesting tale about one of my obsessions – Antarctica! Originally posted on What’s the farthest away you can get from everything and still be on planet Earth? The easy and obvious answer is Antarctica, which is a fascinating place with an astounding history, but it’s still a…

Check out the Read Tuesday Catalog for Black Friday Book Deals in December

Xina Marie Uhl:It’s here! Today is READ TUESDAY. Both Necropolis and The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior are available for just $.99. Woo hoo! Follow the links here to find the lower prices: And browse the below for lots of other excellent offers. Originally posted on ReadTuesday: READ TUESDAY…

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