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Inspired by discovering his cave during a trekking week on Elba, I decided to research San Cerbone’s background. The result is a novel about a young lad he befriends.

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An inspiring walk

My brain was addled and my neck ached. I had been sitting too long in front of the computer. I couldn’t even motivate myself enough to procrastinate. And then I saw the sun was shining. Why not grab one of the tasty korvapuusteja my wife had just baked and head for…

Historical Novel Blog Tour

Intro  As an author of a mere half of a book, I feel greatly honoured to have been invited by the enterprising Tiffani Burnett-Velez to participate in her Historical Novel Blog Tour, mingling with such illustrious writers as Meara Platt, Douglas Hawkins, A. David Singh, Claudia Long, Greg Michaels, Barbara Eppich Struna, Eleanor Parker Sapia. Thanks for…

I asked a Hippie for an Eagle

Kili and Kwee were real eagles. Nothing to be afraid of. Not like the fearsome Aquila, who never took his eyes off you, always looking for a chance to punish you for things you hadn’t actually done. Silvanus had spent many an hour watching them – masters of soaring –…

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