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Did the ancient Romans recognize weekends?

How many days a week did Romans work? Was there, prior to the Christian era, a common weekly day of rest? From when was Sunday considered holy? Calais Reno, who describes herself on Quora as a dilettante teacher of English and Latin with an MA in Classical Studies, gave the following very enlightening…

What’s another word for…?

I’ve already mentioned how I like to use Google Drive for writing the chapters of my book. I can think of three good reasons why (or four): I can access it from anywhere where I have Internet connectivity It automagically keeps earlier versions of a document It has a built-in…

Beats, Tags and White Space

As an aspiring author, I’ve read several books on the art and craft of writing. They confused me. I didn’t even understand the terminology, let alone the principles they advocated. There’s nothing better than jumping in the deep end and getting feedback from more experienced authors. My hesitant attempts at…

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