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Vanessa Couchman lives in southwest France and is a freelance writer. She has a degree in History from Oxford University.

Her first novel, The House at Zaronza, set in early 20th-century Corsica and during World War I, was published by Crooked Cat Publishing in summer 2014. It was judged in the top four of the Flash 500 Novel Opening Competition in 2013.

She also writes short stories with an historical flavour. She has been published in several anthologies and placed in various competitions.

Her historical interests are wide-ranging – from Eleanor of Aquitaine to occupied France during World War II. Her life in France blog often includes posts about French local and national history.

She is an avid reader of historical fiction.

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Ten Inspiring Things About #Corsica: Part 2

View across the bay at Ajaccio   Here’s part 2 of my post about aspects of Corsica that I find inspiring as a writer. Some of them appear in The House at Zaronza, but all of them are things I want to keep experiencing. In writing this post, I have…

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