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After decades of producing business reports and non-fiction, I am finally writing the novels I always wanted to write. ‘The White Rajah’ (about James Brooke in Borneo) was published by JMS Books in 2010 and this was followed by ‘Cawnpore’ in 2012. A book based around the British invasion of Argentina in the Napoleonic Wars should be next.

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Public Battles, Private Wars

A few months ago I wrote about a book set in the 1960s, arguing that it could legitimately be seen as a historical novel.As policeman get younger, so it seems does history. I've been reading Laura Wilkinson's Public Battles, Private Wars, which is set in the Miners’ Strike of 1984/5.…

Beyond the Call of Duty

His Majesty's Confidential Agent has been written as the first of a series of books which will follow the adventures (initially real, but increasingly fictional as the series goes on) of James Burke. My hero owes more than a little to Flashman and, although it's not intended as primarily military…

Is that a sword on your cover?

Yesterday was the official publication date of ‘The White Rajah’. This book was first published in the USA in 2010. It sold well for a book published by a tiny independent publisher, but Accent are giving it a chance to reach a wider audience. I took the opportunity to make…

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