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After decades of producing business reports and non-fiction, I am finally writing the novels I always wanted to write. ‘The White Rajah’ (about James Brooke in Borneo) was published by JMS Books in 2010 and this was followed by ‘Cawnpore’ in 2012. A book based around the British invasion of Argentina in the Napoleonic Wars should be next.

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Pink for a girl?

In His Majesty's Confidential Agent, I wrote that Burke, on arriving in Buenos Aires, was struck by the fact that the buildings are mostly in shades of red, so that the predominant colour of the city was pink. He turned to his travelling companion, O'Gorman, and said, ‘I see your painters…

Field trip

Until this weekend, I'd never been to Portsmouth.The home of the Royal Navy is also the home of several naval museums and famous ships, including Nelson's Victory. As the Burke books are set around the Napoleonic wars and warships feature in them, I thought Portsmouth was well overdue a visit.Most…


For those of you who haven't already seen it on Facebook, here's the cover.Although most of the story is set in Argentina, it starts with Burke in Saint-Domingue (part of modern Haiti), where he fought with the Regiment of Dillon, a regiment made up mainly of Irishmen, but fighting under…

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