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After decades of producing business reports and non-fiction, I am finally writing the novels I always wanted to write. ‘The White Rajah’ (about James Brooke in Borneo) was published by JMS Books in 2010 and this was followed by ‘Cawnpore’ in 2012. A book based around the British invasion of Argentina in the Napoleonic Wars should be next.

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Why the fuss about Waterloo?

I'm just back from a two day conference on Waterloo. It was held at the Royal Miltary Academy Sandhurst, home of the British Army officer corps, and itself a product of the Napoleonic Wars. This was not officially a military conference (although most of those attending were retired Army officers),…

Another cute lamb and a cat on the Internet

There's no proper blog post this week because I'm off to a conference on Waterloo at Sandhurst. 'Burke at Waterloo' is just finishing editing, so there's still time to make changes if a room full of experts can highlight the mistakes.While I'm away, for those who missed the cute Easter…


I’m going to a meeting of the London Chapter of the Historical Novel Society this weekend. (If you’re interested in historical novels and you live near London, I recommend it.) The topic for discussion is historical research. This is a subject dear to my heart. I’ve blogged about it once…

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