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After decades of producing business reports and non-fiction, I am finally writing the novels I always wanted to write. ‘The White Rajah’ (about James Brooke in Borneo) was published by JMS Books in 2010 and this was followed by ‘Cawnpore’ in 2012. A book based around the British invasion of Argentina in the Napoleonic Wars should be next.

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Counting down to Waterloo in fact and fiction

There's lots of other blogs that are covering the events of 200 years ago. I rather like the one by the University of Warwick: Jane Austen fans might prefer this one: or, for those who like their news condensed, have a look at #centjours.Here, I'm taking a step back from…

The Hundred Days

Anyone keeping track will know that we are now just 90 days off the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, but the period known as 'The Hundred Days' started two hundred years ago today with Napoleon's triumphal return to Paris. Between 20 March and 18 June, Napoleon rewrote the French…

A book giveaway - and more about Napoleon

Three paperback copies of Cawnpore are up to be won in a giveaway competition on Goodreads. If you haven't already joined Goodreads, I recommend that you do. It's a great site for readers, with lots of book reviews (generally more thoughtful than the ones on Amazon) and the opportunity to talk…

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