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After decades of producing business reports and non-fiction, I am finally writing the novels I always wanted to write. ‘The White Rajah’ (about James Brooke in Borneo) was published by JMS Books in 2010 and this was followed by ‘Cawnpore’ in 2012. A book based around the British invasion of Argentina in the Napoleonic Wars should be next.

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James Brooke

In June, Accent republished my first novel, The White Rajah. It is a new edition, with some passages rewritten since it first came out. It's still the same book, though: the story of the life of James Brooke, the first White Rajah of Sarawak.When it first came out, I wrote…

The love that dare not write its name

Earlier this year, I was invited to write on Adrian Smith's blog, A Torch in the Wind. It had always worried me that The White Rajah is often judged as a 'gay book' because the main character is gay. This issue keeps on coming up, so I'd like to reprint my blog…

Book Reviews

I review the odd book for the Historical Novel Society. Here's a couple that are covered in the most recent edition of their magazine.ENGLAND EXPECTS by Sara SheridanIt's 1953 and Mirabelle Bevan, ex-SOE agent, is adjusting to the peace by running a debt collection agency in Brighton. It doesn't take…

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