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Tinney Heath is the author of the novel A Thing Done, set in Florence in the thirteenth century. She has long been fascinated by Dante’s Florence – not that she’d want to live there; she knows too much about it now for that. But Dante’s life and writings are so rich in story subjects that she won’t run out of material any time soon. She writes about Florence, but she reads about everything. She also plays medieval and early Renaissance music on early wind instruments, including portative organ.

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St. Julian: TripAdvisor of the middle ages, or Lizzie Borden meets the Bates Motel?

St. Julian the Hospitaller (Piero della Francesca)A medieval traveler with many miles ahead of him needed to give some thought to his lodgings.  Would he find an inn when he needed one, or a religious house that would offer hospitality, or even some kindly person whose home could serve as…

On Seizing Serendipity (Guest post by Debra Atwood)

 Today I'd like to introduce a guest post by Deb Atwood, author of Moonlight Dancer, a timeslip novel rich in Korean history and the paranormal.  Here's the blurb:A doll... a ghost... a love that transcends time.Kendra JinJu MacGregor can resist neither the antique Korean doll in the dusty warehouse nor…

Rome's talking statues - the Abbot, the waterseller, and the baboon

Rome, 1572It's threes all the way:  In Part 3 of this three-part post on the Talking Statues of Rome, we will talk about three statues -- Abate Luigi, Il Facchino, and Il Babuino.  For the background to this post, see the first post here and the second post here, or…

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