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Tiffani Burnett-Velez has been a successful freelance writer since 1996. Her nonfiction work has appeared in Country Discoveries, Catholic Planet, Canticle Magazine for Women, St. Anthony Messenger, Yahoo!News, The Times News, and many more online, and in print, magazines and newspapers. Her first novel, Budapest (LFP, 2007) was featured in the New York Book Festival and the 42nd Annual Conference of Jewish Librarians. She is currently polishing her latest historical fiction piece, a novella set in the Fall of Berlin, 1945. It will be released in 2014.

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Friday Friend Blog (hosted at This Writer’s Life): The First Smile at Booktrope

Years ago, I had this habit of blogging a friend a week. I believe I called this activity “The Friday Friend”. I know that’s a lame title and it sounds like they’re only friends on Fridays, but of course, this is not so. They were friends every day to everyone,…

Being Irish

“Inishmaan Gardens” by Eckhard Pecher. To all those who are Irish, or part of the Irish diaspora, I have a question for you: What cultivated your love for Ireland and being Irish? Or do you even posses this trait? For me, the answer is not a simple one. My mother…

All This Time On March 27th!

It’s almost here! Release day for All This Time is March 27th. I can hardly believe it. I’ve worked so hard on this book that was conceived the night a peeping tom stole my family’s peace for three years straight. I was up in my writing room in the attic,…

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