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Tiffani Burnett-Velez has been a successful freelance writer since 1996. Her nonfiction work has appeared in Country Discoveries, Catholic Planet, Canticle Magazine for Women, St. Anthony Messenger, Yahoo!News, The Times News, and many more online, and in print, magazines and newspapers. Her first novel, Budapest (LFP, 2007) was featured in the New York Book Festival and the 42nd Annual Conference of Jewish Librarians. She is currently polishing her latest historical fiction piece, a novella set in the Fall of Berlin, 1945. It will be released in 2014.

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All The Best Wishes

I’ve been writing since I could first hold a pencil, but first published pieces weren’t until 1996. I still have the t-shirt my first magazine sent me after they loved the piece so much that they felt guilty for not paying more. I wear the t-shirt, on which is written…

My Year With Booktrope

A lot of writer pals said they were going to “follow closely” my journey with Booktrope. From the minute I was accepted there, I was told, “I’m curious to see how this unfolds for you.” And, I promised that I would relay back to everyone how it was going once…

Peace in the Weird Places

“MoSchaukel”Wikipedia When last we spoke, My Dear Readers, I was lamenting (and ripping all my hair out) over the never ending work in my life, and I didn’t mean the writing work. I meant the driving and the supporting and the uplifting of a bunch of people every day, all…

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