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Tiffani Burnett-Velez has been a successful freelance writer since 1996. Her nonfiction work has appeared in Country Discoveries, Catholic Planet, Canticle Magazine for Women, St. Anthony Messenger, Yahoo!News, The Times News, and many more online, and in print, magazines and newspapers. Her first novel, Budapest (LFP, 2007) was featured in the New York Book Festival and the 42nd Annual Conference of Jewish Librarians. She is currently polishing her latest historical fiction piece, a novella set in the Fall of Berlin, 1945. It will be released in 2014.

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It’s About Life, Not the Lists

Dogwood Tree in Front of One of My Libraries So I spent Good Friday in the ER with heart palpitations. They are benign, but they make me cough like I have emphysema, and I get really dizzy like I’ve been knocked in the head. I have had them before, but…

A Beautiful Suffering

A few years ago, I was sitting in the parking lot of my children’s school, waiting for them to emerge from a long day of classroom work.  I was listening to the radio and Terri Gross was interviewing a former evangelical who had become an atheist,  because – after years…

Making Space

This morning my house is chaos. The cats are chasing the big Labradors through the living room. The children are chasing the cats. There is barking and screaming and general sounds and acts of glee. The eldest teenager snores softly in his room. The Hot Latin Husband settles “an emergency…

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