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Tiffani Burnett-Velez has been a successful freelance writer since 1996. Her nonfiction work has appeared in Country Discoveries, Catholic Planet, Canticle Magazine for Women, St. Anthony Messenger, Yahoo!News, The Times News, and many more online, and in print, magazines and newspapers. Her first novel, Budapest (LFP, 2007) was featured in the New York Book Festival and the 42nd Annual Conference of Jewish Librarians. She is currently polishing her latest historical fiction piece, a novella set in the Fall of Berlin, 1945. It will be released in 2014.

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The Invitation by Dawn Kohler

It’s a lucky Monday for me, because I get to introduce two brilliant authors to My Dear Readers. Firstly, there was Eleanor Parker below, and now there is Dawn Kohler. Kohler’s work, The Invitation, is vastly different than Parker’s, but just as enthralling. What first strikes me about Kohler’s work…

The Third Stop on the Historical Novel Blog Tour is Puerto Rico with author, Eleanor Parker

I can’t believe that we’re already into the third week of the Historical Novel Blog Tour, and just as it’s getting cold outside (we’ve already had two snowstorms in Pennyslvania), we get to visit the beautiful and warm island of turn of the century Puerto Rico. I’m especially thrilled about…

Second Stop in the Historical Novel Blog Tour – Meara Platt!

Follow the link below to Meara’s excellent, informative and beautifully written post about writing regency era fiction. http://mearaplatt.blogspot.com/

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