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I am the author of ‘Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman,’ a story of blackmail, betrayal and revenge set in England in 1912 to be released January 2015 by Thomas Dunn Books/St. Martin’s Press

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The Goddess of the Hunt and Riding Aside

Princess Mary painted by Alfred Munnings   Fox-hunting – the great pastime of the English countryman, conjures up vivid images. But women riders –  sitting beautifully upright on their great glossy horses, flowing habits cascading, top hats fixed firmly over neatly coiled and netted hair, veils secured across haughty faces, all galloping…

Drinking Tea and the Rules of Engagement

The hedonistic age of the idle rich in Edwardian Britain abounded with every possible pastime, as it was out of the question to be of society and earn an income. For men these interests varied from traditional roles in politics, government and the stewardship of their bountiful and productive acres to archeology, architecture,…

The Redoubtable Edwardian and the Institution of Marriage

Yes, of course Edwardians married for love, but the upper-classes usually fell in love among their own kind, shoring up their country estates from time to time with alliances to an American fortune or with the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. The business of getting heirs was of vital importance…

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