Tessa Arlen

About me

I am the author of ‘Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman,’ a story of blackmail, betrayal and revenge set in England in 1912 to be released January 2015 by Thomas Dunn Books/St. Martin’s Press

From my website

Dame Nellie Melba and the Silver Voice with a Brass Tongue

At the name of Melba… crowned heads would nod respectful acknowledgment, noble lords and ladies would open their doors, newspaper editors would clear space for headlines, theatre managers would turn pale, and the house would be full.     Her voice was pure and pitch perfect she never slid up…

Sleuths in Time

  I am delighted to have been invited to join a group of talented writers who concentrate their considerable energies in the genre of historical mystery! SLEUTHS IN TIME are seven authors with a passion for mystery who are happy to bury themselves in researching British and American history from the…

The Lodger by Louisa Treger – A story of Dorothy Richardson

If ever there was a redoubtable Edwardian Dorothy Richardson most certainly was. A major writer of the twentieth century and an important figure in the emergence of modernist prose fiction, Dorothy published her first novel Pointed Roofs in 1915, the first complete stream of consciousness novel published in English. Dorothy,…

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