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I’m a reader and love history and historical fiction.

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What I've Read #1

I’ve actually been reading quite a bit lately but just haven’t felt like writing much, so I decided to try something different for a while.  I have quite the backlog…Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. Hubby and I are huge fans of the HBO series and I finally decided to…

The King's Mistress by Julia Watson

Sometimes I buy out of print books based on the author’s name or the cover without really knowing what they are about.  Such is the case with The King’s Mistress by Julia Watson.  It turns out, it is a sequel to the disastrous A Mistress for the Valois that I read a…

Around the Castle - #6

Reading:  I finished a couple of books  - Song of a Thrush by Katheryn Wigmore, a YA novel from 1961 about a teen-aged Margaret Pole.  There are few novels about Margaret, although Philippa Gregory has one coming out later this year.  I also finished a book I've been reading off an on…

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