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I’m a reader and love history and historical fiction.

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Around the Castle - #9

The job search continues, but in the meantime, we’ve been enjoying this great fall weather.  Fall is my favorite time of year and I’m looking forward to getting out the sweaters, jeans and boots.  I had my first pumpkin spice lattes of the season from Starbucks, but I gotta admit,…

Around the Castle - #8

I know, I know - two posts in one week - can you believe it?!  Well, the California job didn’t work out – would have involved a 25% pay cut and with the higher cost of living, it just wasn’t the right thing to do.  I have a couple of…

What Iv'e Read - Boudicca

I recently finished the final volume in Manda Scott's series about Boudicca.  While writing up my thoughts on it realized I had read another book about her a while back that I hadn't gotten around to writing anything about yet, so I included it here.Continuing with the same theme as…

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