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I’m a reader and love history and historical fiction.

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Around the Castle - #8

I know, I know - two posts in one week - can you believe it?!  Well, the California job didn’t work out – would have involved a 25% pay cut and with the higher cost of living, it just wasn’t the right thing to do.  I have a couple of…

What Iv'e Read - Boudicca

I recently finished the final volume in Manda Scott's series about Boudicca.  While writing up my thoughts on it realized I had read another book about her a while back that I hadn't gotten around to writing anything about yet, so I included it here.Continuing with the same theme as…

Around the Castle - #7

Things have been crazy again at work the last couple of months and as if that wasn’t enough I decided that I don’t like what I’m doing (since it isn’t what I was led to believe I would be doing when I took this job) and the travelling every week…

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