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T. E. MacArthur is an author, artist, and historian living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her constant companion, Mac the cat. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in History from Cal State University and spent many an evening in subsequent Anthropology, Geology, Criminal Investigation and Art classes. Writing remains, however, her passion. She has written for several local and specialized publications and was even an accidental sports reporter for Reuters with three national bi-lines. The Volcano Lady series is a two volume (for now)set to follow the adventures of Victorian lady scientist Lettie Gantry, and is her first in publication. To put it mildly, T.E. has a love for all things Victorian (history and clothing from 1870 – 1890 in particular) and is having a lifelong affair with the writings of Jules Verne.

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Blog Tour!

Many thanks to the marvelous Maggie Secara for the invitation to join the ‘My Writing Process’ blog tour. First things first: there are some questions I get to answer and then I get to introduce you to three lovely people and their blog sites. What am I working on? What…

Backstory, we don’t need no stinkin’ backstory

Hola, fellow authors: I was just reading an article about where to start your novel or short story.  The blogger insists that beginning in a character’s childhood is both boring and unnecessary.  In fact, she suggests that readers don’t really need to know about your character’s growing up into the…

2013 in review – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. WordPress has this lovely feature I want to share with you – and to set up the perfect opportunity to say “Thank you” to all of you. 2013 was a terrific year of chances to talk and share with you. I’d like to do more in…

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