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Susan Spann lives in Northern California with her husband, teenage son and three cats (one of which is large enough that it really counts as two). She is a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Association and is represented by literary agent Sandra Bond of the Bond Literary Agency.

When not running amok or too far in the weeds, Susan writes the SHINOBI mysteries, featuring master ninja Hiro Hattori and his Portuguese Jesuit sidekick, Father Mateo. The first novel, in which Hiro has just three days to find a samurai’s killer and save the life of the beautiful geisha accused of the crime, is scheduled for publication in Spring 2013 by St. Martin’s Press/Thomas Dunne Books.

Susan also likes archery, gardening and reading, but does not much like writing biographical statements. You can find her on Twitter: @SusanSpann, where she founded the #PubLaw hashtag.

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How To Plot A Murder – by R. Franklin James

Today, please welcome my friend and fellow mystery author R. Franklin James, who writes the Hollis Morgan Mystery series. She’s taking over the blog today to share some advice on murdering imaginary friends. And so, with no further ado: How to Plot a Murder (Part 1) by R. Franklin James  …

Show Me … the Contract.

Many people use the holiday season as a chance to focus on the important things in life–the basics. Today’s #PubLaw is taking a cue from that idea, and focusing on one of the critical aspects of protecting your rights as an author: the publishing contract. In life, we enter into many…

O Christmas Tree….

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, my cat would like to eat thee…. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, she thinks you look so tasty… She likes your piney leaves so well, They give her puke a Christmas smell … O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, my cat so longs…

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