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Author and keen reader of several genres, Susan Örnbratt has gone back to her university roots with a Canadian history minor by combining that with writing fictional love stories. Having lived in six countries, Susan enjoys weaving characters from different cultures and sometimes languages into one breathtaking story. Her debut historical women’s fiction novel, The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley will be released April 2015.

From my website

Bedtime storytelling is to writing what walking is to running – Don’t underestimate its value.

I’ve just returned from a lovely morning walk in the forest and neighbourhood, feeling guilty at first that I had decided to walk instead of jog. To compromise, I walked briskly while admiring the vitsippor (white wildflowers – not sure what they are called in English) waving to me from…

9 Quirky Moments that have Inspired My Writing

  1. The Naked Cowboy in Times Square playing his guitar on my first trip to NYC. Anyone that confident can drive me to test my own limits – in my writing, thank you very much. 2. The sea lion that kept following me along the Isle of Man’s shoreline…

10 Things About My Writing

I was recently tagged and challenged by fellow writer, Elizabeth Hein to write 7 things about my writing on Facebook. It was fun to read her list and I like the idea of sharing such tidbits. In that list alone, I felt as though I got to know a personal side…

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