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Author and keen reader of several genres, Susan Örnbratt has gone back to her university roots with a Canadian history minor by combining that with writing fictional love stories. Having lived in six countries, Susan enjoys weaving characters from different cultures and sometimes languages into one breathtaking story. Her debut historical women’s fiction novel, The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley will be released April 2015.

From my website

Get Outside, Go for a Walk, Play, Hangout, Do Something – but get off that smartphone!

Something has been nagging me for quite some time and as a mom it cannot be swept under the rug. In fact, it’s plaguing most moms these days and I would hazard a guess that the culprit lay heavily in those little machines that our children seem to worship –…

Thick Skin to Publication

A close friend has said to me on a number of occasions over the past year that most people would never know what goes into publishing a book. She thought, and rightly so, that a writer writes a book, picks a publisher, and finds it on the bookstore shelves weeks,…

Moaning Milly and the Dreaded Flu

For three weeks, I’ve been on the outside looking in. Yes, trapped behind this glass wall called infectious disease. While the world has scuttled about taking care of business, writing award-winning books, earning salaries and socializing to the max, I have been Moaning Milly with a cough that rattles the…

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