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Author and keen reader of several genres, Susan Örnbratt has gone back to her university roots with a Canadian history minor by combining that with writing fictional love stories. Having lived in six countries, Susan enjoys weaving characters from different cultures and sometimes languages into one breathtaking story. Her debut historical women’s fiction novel, The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley will be released April 2015.

From my website

Writing Historical Fiction

I have been curious recently about those writers who churn out book after book as though on an episode of “How It’s Made”. I watch in awe of the assembly line stamping the book’s spine with a different title on each, and a giant robotic arm packing them into boxes…

The Clues to a Great Story – TEDtalks

The power of a well-told story is boundless, snagging me time and time again, whether through film or words on a page. I adore being taken away into an imaginary world that becomes so real, there are moments it holds me and I see nothing else. As a writer, I…

The Sun, Writing and Me

I woke up to something this morning that someone living in the south may take for granted – something, apart from a glorious trip to Paris recently, I haven’t seen in over four weeks – the sun. Four weeks may not seem like a long time. I once counted nearly…

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