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Author and keen reader of several genres, Susan Örnbratt has gone back to her university roots with a Canadian history minor by combining that with writing fictional love stories. Having lived in six countries, Susan enjoys weaving characters from different cultures and sometimes languages into one breathtaking story. Her debut historical women’s fiction novel, The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley will be released April 2015.

From my website

Recipe for a Rainy Day

It’s early morning in the land of the Vikings, and the tickling of rain on the windows reminds me of the biting Swedish autumn outside. It’s the perfect weather to take me away into my imaginary world, the world I enjoy to its fullest, the world where images flutter past…

Look what just arrived!

A moment every writer dreams of… Thank you, Light Messages, for believing in this story.         

Reviews, Stats, Books, Oh My!

I was roaming the aisles of Akademibokhandeln the other day, a large chain bookshop here in Sweden and came across a narrow section of English books. At eye level, staring nearly right through me was the blockbuster hit “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. Suddenly, everything in the shop disappeared and I…

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