Susan Meissner

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I write fiction that is a blend of historical and contemporary.

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The Thorn Birds and me

I’ve always had an itch to write; most people who know me already know that. But there have been books in my long-ago past that served to assure I would never – must never – grow desensitized to that itch and every now and then I am reminded how grateful…

It’s National Handwriting Day!

I am presently spending every second in the Cave of Wonders (that’s an euphemism for the Dreaded Deadline Abyss) but I can’t let this day go by completely without mentioning that it’s National Handwriting Day. While society probably doesn’t need National Middle Child’s Day or National Polka Dot Day or National Doughnuts for Dinner Day, we…

A different kind of book club

We’re doing something new and fun at Women’s Fiction Writers that I am pretty jazzed about. We’ve put together a different kind of book club that is all about the word “BEFORE” instead of “after.”  This online club will “get together” over on Facebook to talk about books BEFORE we’ve read them –…

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