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I write fiction that is a blend of historical and contemporary.

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Not your average baby gift

My nephew and his lovely wife became parents for the first time almost a week ago. Little Dylan Olivia is the first baby of the next generation in my immediate and local family; my son and his sweet wife will bring us the next one come summer. It’s always a treat…

Want to be an advance reader of The Amish Clockmaker?

Word of mouth is and will probably always be the best way to get the word out on a new book. With that in mind, I’ve a question for you. If you like books with Amish characters or books in an Amish setting, if you like stories that dovetail faith,…

Why stories sometimes need a death

Warning: If you haven’t watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, don’t read this blog post yet. . . Despite the gut-wrenching dystopic setting of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we are big fans at my house. I’ve long since gotten over the sound effects and visual horror of zombies dining and zombies…

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