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Susan Elliston was born in Malta and grew up traveling the world. Now a duel citizen of the UK and USA, we find her settled in Florida where she creates her stories. Susan loves to take historical events, facts and people, along with legends and myths to create her adventures. Her love with history and research is made easier since the internet but she still tries to visit the locations in her novels. The Wardrobe, is a paranormal horror based on historical events, and is now available on Amazon. Her next book, is the epic time travel adventure, set in New Orleans 1810. Laffite’s Lady will be re-released later this year, when her revision is complete.

From my website

Laffite's Lady is proud of yet another five star review

We all know by now that Laffite's Lady loves to read. Well she is loving the positive feed back on the first in the trilogy series of The Wardrobe. We know she is a history buff and that there are many historical facts and events twisted among the story. We…

Laffite's Lady is happy

I got great news today from the team of writers who are adapting my book, 'The Wardrobe' for film. They finished the third draft and will be sending it back to LA, where it will get another read by the producer who has taken the project under his wing. I…

What is taking so long you may ask of Laffite's Lady?

well I am back in 1810, revising my novel Laffite's Lady. As a very green author back in 1999 I made many mistakes. None of them in the facts department, I got my facts right, dot on to be sure. Back then, there was no internet and I did all…

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