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Ex membership secretary for the Historical Novel Society. I write historical novels for children.

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Ten Things That Are NOT Writing My Novel (but they're not far off)

1. Reading blogs. This is fun. It's entertaining. It's informative. I can kid myself it's writing related when I read about other people's processes, interesting facts from past times, author interviews. It's not getting the words on the page of my novel but perhaps it kicks me into at least…

Back from the Past

I've been out of the loop for almost three months. I've ignored my novel. I've been in the slums of Southwark, and by the cholera infested Broad Street pump. I've been in Kensington Palace, and to the Great Exhibition. I briefly visited the textile factories of Nottingham, and the coal…

5 Truths We Must Face Up To When Writing A Novel

1. The story doesn't write itself. It just doesn't. Wouldn't it be handy though? We could carry on sending those all important tweets and making those witty Facebook posts while the Story Fairies work away on those tedious drafts on our behalf.2. Social Media is very nice but it isn't…

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