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Author of Amazon’s UK War chart number 1’s “Wolf’s Head”, and the sequel, “The Wolf and the Raven”, which are a new take on the Robin Hood legend, set in Yorkshire in 1321-22.

I was born in 1977, near Glasgow in Scotland. I live in Old Kilpatrick with my wife and two children.

Historical fiction is my favourite genre, but I also enjoy old science-fiction and some fantasy.

Bernard Cornwell’s King Arthur series was my biggest influence in writing “Wolf’s Head”, but I’ve also really enjoyed recent books by guys like Ben Kane, Anthony Riches, Douglas Jackson and Robert Low.

From my website

Scottish Daily Record piece

This is the third time I’ve been in the Daily Record which has a circulation of about a quarter of a million a day according to Wikipedia. Thanks to them (particularly Shari Low who is also an author and hosts that section of the newspaper) for featuring me!

Hollywood interest in my books?!

I’ve never told any of you about this before but…a few months ago I was contacted by one of the biggest film production companies in the world, asking about the rights for The Wolf and the Raven. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my life. You can…

Self-published/ indie authors? What do you think of them and what can we do differently?

Question for you all: self-published/ indie authors – do you read them (other than me, obviously!)? I must admit, although I’m one myself and I like to think my books are alright, I DO still feel pleasantly surprised when I read something by another indie and find that it kicks…

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