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I’m currently researching and writing my first book on the private life of William Pitt the Younger. My other work in progress is an historical fiction novel about Pitt’s tragic love affair with Eleanor Eden.

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A portrait miniature of 'Pitt the Statesman' by Joseph Daniel of Bath

By repute, a portrait miniature of 'Pitt the Statesman' by Joseph DanielInside a relatively obscure tome entitled Collecting Miniatures by Daphne Foskett (1979), there is a description and an image of a miniature that is supposedly of William Pitt the Younger (c. 1800). It is signed by the miniature artist Joseph Daniel…

William Pitt the Elder's funeral

'Original Drawings made of the Funerals of The Earl of Chatham & The Rt. Hon. William Pitt'William Pitt the Elder, the 1st Earl of Chatham, died on May 11, 1778 at his house at Hayes Place in Kent. Nearly a month later, on Tuesday, June 9, 1778, his funeral took…

An original Seal of Mr. Pitt

A impression of a Seal engraved with a bust of William PittThere is a well-preserved original wax seal of William Pitt that is in the possession of the British Library. The provenance note is as follows:"Presented by Miss L.C. Frampton, Torquay 10 March 1880 - The original of this Seal engraved…

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