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I’m currently researching and writing my first book on the private life of William Pitt the Younger. My other work in progress is an historical fiction novel about Pitt’s tragic love affair with Eleanor Eden.

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A statement of the sums due to Coutts by the late Mr. Pitt

In February 1806, the late Mr. Pitt's banker, Mr. Thomas Coutts, drew up a statement of the sums Mr. Pitt still owed to him. Pitt had died heavily in debt on 23 January 1806, and one of his creditors was Mr. Coutts. Pitt's two chosen executors, his brother John, the 2nd…

A lock of Mr. Pitt's hair (still including the hair powder)

In a previous post, I wrote an entry about a bracelet made of Mr. Pitt's hair. Also included with this item is a substantial lock of Mr. Pitt's hair dated January 23, 1806 (the day of his death). This must be the lock of hair which was once at Orwell Park, the…

Who was Miss Elizabeth Hamilton?

I recently read a reference in The Polar Star (1829: 79) that would be a significant historical discovery indeed. Quoted verbatim, this was the claim:"The 'Cottagers of Glenburnie.' Ah! By the late Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton? By the way, among Mrs. Hamilton's papers are some curious letters from Mr. Pitt. How is it…

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