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I’m currently researching and writing my first book on the private life of William Pitt the Younger. My other work in progress is an historical fiction novel about Pitt’s tragic love affair with Eleanor Eden.

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William Pitt Adams's bookplate

William Pitt Adams's bookplateAt some point soon I intend to research all of Pitt's godchildren, wards, and others named after him. Suffice it to say, Pitt was a godfather from the age of 14, and his love of children was well-known. One such child named in honour of Pitt was Pitt's last private secretary,…

The Duchess of Sutherland: 'The great ornament of Mr. Pitt's society'

Fig. 1: Lady Elizabeth Gordon (aged about 17 in c. 1782) by George Romney One of the main arguments I advocate strongly on this site is that Pitt was interested in women. I prefer to rely on primary source material, and I'm more inclined to give credence to the accounts of people…

Pitt's missing port glass

Pitt's (now missing) port glass, formerly at a branch of Barclay's bank in CambridgeI have previously touched upon Pitt's drinking habits, but never the vessels from which such potations were drunk. One such port glass thought to have been owned by William Pitt was, during the early 1960s at least, in…

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