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As a writer of historical fiction, the 18th century is my passion.

I have a B.A. in Studio Arts from Whitman College.

My up coming book is Cut From The Earth a historical adventure story about famous 18th century Portuguese tile maker, monogram PMP-Piloto Manuel Pires, who harbors a female tile designer whose invention of the figura de convite, an invitation figure, puts the tile shop’s works in demand by Lisbon’s elite and at odds with a Jesuit priest. When a commission from the Amazon arrives and an omen is disregarded, the shop falls into struggle. Then on November 1, 1755, All Saints Day, Lisbon’s most celebrated liturgical holiday, disasters strike: earthquake, tidal waves, and fire. Piloto’s life is forever changed and challenged as is his shop’s, tile making, Portugal and the priesthood, and the colony of Brazil is called upon to assist and console those that survive — but at a cost to all.

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Interviews at the Historical Novel Society

As of late, I’ve been interviewing historical fiction authors for the Historical Novel Society. Here are a couple of recent posts: An Interview with Erika Robuck, about her latest release Fallen Beauty (debuted March 4, 2014). If you love the Jazz Age and eccentric American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay dive into this…

An Interview with Heather Webb BECOMING JOSEPHINE

This Valentine’s Day I’m pleased to introduce and welcome to my blog author Heather Webb and her debut novel Becoming Josephine. A historical about the life of France’s beloved Josephine Bonaparte and her famous and heart-wrenching love story with Napoleon Bonaparte. Through concise storytelling and cleaver descriptions Webb brings to life…

Interview with author M.J. Rose SEDUCTION

It is my pleasure to introduce and welcome author M.J. Rose and her Gothic time-slip mystery Seduction. The story takes place on the windswept British Island of Jersey. Rose’s prose is filled with descriptive ambiance, art, mythology, psychology, and scent. The book explores the implications of reincarnation, and delves into nineteenth-century…

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