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As a writer of historical fiction, the 18th century is my passion, along with art-related stories.

I have a B.A. in Studio Arts from Whitman College.

My forthcoming novel, CUT FROM THE EARTH…

In the Year of Our Lord 1755, Portuguese tile maker, Piloto Manuel Pires is committed to manumitting slaves and hiring them in his tile factory, a promise rife with problems. He harbors a secret tile designer, whose ongoing innovations of the the figura de convite, an invitation figure, puts the shop’s works in demand by Lisbon’s elite and at odds with a Jesuit priest. When a commission destined for the Amazon jungle must be altered, and an omen is disregarded, the shop plummets into struggle. Then on November 1, All Saints Day, with the city’s populace at church, disasters strike: earthquake, tidal waves, mass fire. Piloto’s life is forever changed and challenged as is his shop, tile making, and Portugal.

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10 Favorite Historical Novels of 2014

This is my 2014 list! These novels all in some way brought joy, intrigue, further understanding and richness to my life. I can’t thank the authors enough for your efforts to bring these stories to life, to us, to your adoring readership!!! Thank you! Endless Gratitude!!! The Collector of Dying…

Love of Art in Historical Fiction Series featuring Kelly Jones & The Woman Who Heard Color

Happy Holidays! For most readers here you are now in the dark winter months, Christmas past and the new year soon to arrive. Tis the season to snuggle up under warm blankets and escape into a good book! And this is what Kelly Jones of The Woman Who Heard Color promises you!…

Love of Art in Historical Fiction Series featuring Mary F. Burns & The Spoils of Avalon

This month I’d like to welcome the gifted Mary F. Burns and her latest release, a historical mystery The Spoils of Avalon. Burns is one my favorite authors writing today. Her storytelling is vivid, characters distinct, all accomplished through polished and witty prose. To my blessed surprise and honor, Burns asked…

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