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My novels focus on the lives of medieval mystics and lesser-known saints, bringing their stories out of the realm of the fantastical and into the touchable arena of troubled times, mystical doubts, and the triumphs over the hardships of life in the Middle Ages. In my novels I created what I call “touchable saints,” enabling readers to dive into the realm of Spirit while being able to fully empathize and relate to these incredible lives.

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Teresa of Avila

by Sophia duBay Teresa of Avilawas a Facebook junkie.This may seem like an odd statement to make about a 16thcentury Spanish mystic, but it’s true. Obviously she didn’t have access to a non-existent internet, but still the essence is the same: she craved frivolous conversation and the approval of others…

Looking-Glass World Expanded

by Sophia duBayOver the past couple days several of my readers have asked me to elaborate on the theme of spiritual surrender, so I'm more than happy to comply. True faith is conceived within us by the power of the soul’s forward movement as we create spiritual goodness through the impulse…

Looking-Glass World

by Sophia duBay We live in a looking-glass world yet it is we, in our cloudy vision, who see through a mirror dimly. The medieval mystics had an uncanny ability to step back through the glass, cross the threshold, and become one with the First Truth.This “other side” is the…

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