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My novels focus on the lives of medieval mystics and lesser-known saints, bringing their stories out of the realm of the fantastical and into the touchable arena of troubled times, mystical doubts, and the triumphs over the hardships of life in the Middle Ages. In my novels I created what I call “touchable saints,” enabling readers to dive into the realm of Spirit while being able to fully empathize and relate to these incredible lives.

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Divine Names

by Sophia duBay The name of God is the name we use based on our own capacity to perceive and hold the Divine Beinghood at each particular junction on our spiritual path. The name we use is more reflective of us, of our state in life and our progress (or…

The Message of Three

by Sophia duBay In a previous post I’ve written about the awesome extent of the Godhead and how we, with our limited human perceptions, can never truly understand the divine scope of the Eternal Being. The medieval European mystics, through their Christian worldview, expressed this awesome mystery in terms of…

Unspeakable and Unnameable

by Sophia duBay One of the character in my novel-in-progress, World Between Worlds, is unable to speak. Caterina of Siena’s older sister, Elisabetta, was historically silent not because she didn’t have a physical voice, but rather because not much is known about her. Intrigued by this character, I’ve fleshed Elisabetta…

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