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My novels focus on the lives of medieval mystics and lesser-known saints, bringing their stories out of the realm of the fantastical and into the touchable arena of troubled times, mystical doubts, and the triumphs over the hardships of life in the Middle Ages. In my novels I created what I call “touchable saints,” enabling readers to dive into the realm of Spirit while being able to fully empathize and relate to these incredible lives.

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Fire is the Name of Love

Sophia duBay 20th century theologian Karl Rahner believed that mysticism is natural to all people. The mystical mindset is the true state of our beinghood, often unrealized and undeveloped, yet still within our inherent capacity as human beings. Because we are “made in the image of God” and have been…

The Seat and Ground of the Soul

Sophia duBayTo conceptualize the soul is like conceptualizing Divinity: as a spiritual essence, the soul can’t be accurately described in images and form. Even so, there are times when we must speak in metaphor and comparison in order to try to understand even a small part of the mysteries of…

Shedding Images and Notions

by: Sophia duBay  According to 13th / 14th century German mystic Meister Eckhart, the first step on the spiritual path is to release all images. The Uncreated Beinghood is just that; uncreated, and thus unexplainable. Any attempts to define the Spirit will necessarily fall short, and some may even be…

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