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Sherry Jones is the author of four published works of historical fiction, the latest of which are WHITE HEART and FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS, both tales of powerful women in 13th century Europe. She is currently at work on a novel about Heloise and Abelard, the famous 12th-century Parisian lovers.

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Redeeming Josephine: Heather Webb Gets Personal

Come on over and read my provocative interview with Heather Webb, author of BECOMING JOSEPHINE, about the first Empress of France’s fascinating life and many loves. Are all the stories of orgiastic decadence true? Webb gets to the heart of the seductive Rose de Beauharnais, daughter of a Martinique plantation…

Optimistic about 2014? You bet!

The headlines say that we Americans are feeling optimistic about 2014. I know I am. I’m ready for the New Year to cut in on the twisted dance I’ve been doing with 2013, a terrible partner who keeps stepping on my toes. It’s time for merriment and joy. It’s time…

QUEENS: It’s Launch Day in Poland!

The beautiful cover of QUEENS, my latest novel, in Polish.   It’s launch day in Poland for my historical novel FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS, which my publisher, Pascal, has named QUEENS. I like their title, don’t you?  Choosing a title for my own book is, for some reason, difficult for…

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