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Sherry Jones is the author of four published works of historical fiction, the latest of which are WHITE HEART and FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS, both tales of powerful women in 13th century Europe. She is currently at work on a novel about Heloise and Abelard, the famous 12th-century Parisian lovers.

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Review Roundup: The Best Quotes from The Sharp Hook of Love | France Book Tours

What an exhilarating three-week blog tour for my new Abelard-and-Heloise novel, “The Sharp Hook of Love.” Check out these excerpts, compiled by tour organizer Emma:    TOUR QUOTATIONS Unshelfish The Sharp Hook of Love has been the best historical romance I have read this year, and I have been privileged…

Does Joyce Carol Oates Promote Her Books?

I really hate making everything all about me. On my social media sites, my friends and followers must be grinding their teeth in boredom right now, sick to death of hearing about my new book only two weeks after its release. But what’s an author to do? The number of…

The Choices an Historical Author Must Make: Words and Peace’s Review of The Sharp Hook of Love

Emma at Words and Peace praises THE SHARP HOOK OF LOVE in this finely honed, intelligent review, but also questions some of the choices I made in writing the story. Be sure to read my responses in the comments section! And then keep your eyes open for the “missing chapter” I…

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