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Shauna Roberts is the author of the historical novel Like Mayflies in a Stream, set in ancient Mesopotamia. She primarily writes fantasy and science fiction, is a 2009 graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop, and received the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Older Writers Grant in 2010.

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Extra perks for HRB Indiegogo

To encourage more people to support the Hadley Rille Books' Indiegogo project, I'm adding some additional perks for those who see this blog post and who live in the United States or Canada.These are in addition to any perks you receive from Hadley Rille Books as described at Indiegogo. To…

In praise of small presses

The Publisher's StrokeIn February, Eric T. Reynolds, publisher and owner of small sf/f press Hadley Rille Books, had a stroke that landed him in intensive care, then a regular hospital ward, and then a rehab facility for almost five months. He is now continuing recuperation at home.After Eric's stroke, HRB…

At Château Labottière looking at art, Bordeaux, France

Myself, in the almost mandatory scarf French women wearThe Universe really wanted us go to Château Labottière today and see an unusual piece of art.We woke up today never having heard of the house (now the Institut Culturel Berhard Magrez). But at a shop, the owner handed us a flyer…

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