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Shauna Roberts is the author of the historical novels Like Mayflies in a Stream and Claimed by the Enemy, both set in ancient Mesopotamia. She also writes fantasy and science fiction, is a 2009 graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop, and received the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Older Writers Grant in 2011.

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Cinderella grows up

Today I welcome romance author Ines Johnson to the blog. She has provided a thought-provoking guest post on the Cinderella trope in recent movies and fiction.✥✥✥✥✥ Girl on Her Own HorseHave you been paying attention to the evolution of the Cinderella story? If you’ve watched the Disney blockbuster Frozen, then…

The natural world deserves to be in your books and stories

The modern industrialized United States has demonized dirt and bugs and everything else in our world that works together to create a balanced harmony in nature. I get snail mail and email several times a week from organizations telling me about states not only allowing but encouraging people to kill…

This 'n' that

1. Those of you who've been waiting for my posts on chronic illness may have noticed they have not been appearing. Ironically, I have been too sick the past year and a half to write much ... except in my head, which has been planning those blog posts along with…

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