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Shannon Selin is the author of Napoleon in America (January 2014), which imagines what might have happened if Napoleon Bonaparte had escaped from exile on St. Helena and wound up in the United States in 1821. Her short stories have appeared in The Copperfield Review and CommuterLit. Shannon blogs about Napoleonic and 19th century history at She lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she is working on the next novel in her Napoleon series.

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Charles Jared Ingersoll, a dinner-party delight

Charles Jared IngersollCharles Jared Ingersoll was a prominent 19th century Philadelphia lawyer, member of Congress and writer. A good friend of Napoleon’s brother Joseph Bonaparte, Ingersoll was known for his lively conversation, his admiration for the United States, and his eccentric dress.A Princeton dropoutCharles Jared Ingersoll was born in Philadelphia on…

What did Napoleon look like?

What did Napoleon look like? A silly question, you might think. Napoleon is one of the most painted and sculpted persons in history. When Matt Dawson was designing the cover for Napoleon in America, we agreed he didn’t have to show Napoleon’s face – the hat and coat would be enough.…

Joseph Hopkinson, Joseph Bonaparte’s great friend

Joseph HopkinsonA 19th century lawyer, musician, writer, politician and judge, Joseph Hopkinson was one of Joseph Bonaparte’s closest friends and neighbours in the United States. He also composed America’s unofficial national anthem. Hopkinson’s wife Emily was a sharp wit with a talent for art and writing. The Hopkinsons moved in…

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