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Summer of Zombie 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON: Timothy Baker

Timothy Baker is a retired firefighter and an aspiring, perspiring, horror writer. He is published in Fifty Shades of Decay by Angelic Knight Press with his zombie/erotica story, Love Stinks, and the forthcoming Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker's Nightbreed from Tor. Tim has also received a commendation in the Australian Horror Writer’s Association 2009…

Dark Poetry: Anthony Crowley

‘I never felt alive on this dreaded world called Earth,I’ve been driven into sadness and pain all my past life,The darkened blessed shadows allowed me for a beginning of asymbolic rebirth..'(from Sanitarium Magazine 14)Today, we take a detour into the world of poetry. Many of the great early horror authors,…

Hoosier Hoops and Hijinks Interview: Andrea Smith

Published by Blue River Press.Please allow me to introduce you to yet another author from Hoosier Hoops and Hijinks. The tales in Hoosier Hoops, the current anthology from the Speed City Indiana chapter of Sisters in Crime, all involve one of Indiana's greatest obsessions: basketball.Today's guest is Andrea Smith, the president of the…

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