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Sandy Frykholm has worked as a writer in public relations, journalism, poetry, and plays. An avid reader of historical fiction, her current pursuit is writing novels set in the medieval Kingdom of Naples and the Mediterranean area.

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Easter in Italy: Parade of statues

If you visit Italy at Easter time, you don’t have to go to church to see the statues. A common feature of religious holidays in Italy is the procession through the streets with statues from the church. I’ve seen this a couple of times in Italy, but have never lived…

Listen! Yoga in Italian with a dog!

This doesn’t really fit any of my posting “categories” but I’m sharing it anyway because it’s pretty darn cute. Thank you, Nic Bello and Pancho!

A visit to Segesta–secondhand.

I have yet to visit Sicily, though a couple of my favorite books about Italy take place there. (See the book reviews here and here.) Today I’m sharing another writer’s experience visiting one of Sicily’s premier ancient sites, the Greek temple at Segesta. The ancient Greek temple at Segesta. Image…

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