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About me

I am the author of the Josephine B. Trilogy, internationally best-selling novels about Napoleon’s wife, now published in seventeen countries.

My most recent novel, Mistress of the Sun, also published internationally, is set in mid-17th century France at the court of the Sun King.

In the spring of 2012, I will be publishing another novel set in this court, and, after that, I will be writing a Young Adult novel (or two) about Josephine’s daughter Hortense.

I am a wife, mother of two adults, grandmother (yay!).

My husband and I live half the year in rural Ontario, Canada, and the other half in urban (well, it’s a village) San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico.

In reality, however, I’m either in 17th-18th century France or on the Net, usually both.

From my website

What can you find on Just about anything.

Fiverr is a web site where people offer to do something for $5 — design a logo, perk up a Facebook page, write a song. You name it. I went on Fiverr looking for someone who could photo manipulate an image I use on this website. I didn’t find anyone for that specific job, but…

The clues to a great story

I very much enjoyed film-maker Andrew Stanton‘s TED talk, “The Clues to a Great Story.” Storytelling is joke telling. It’s knowing your punch line, your ending. It’s knowing that everything you say, from the first sentence to the last, is leading to a singular goal. probably the greatest story commandment:…

Tools to help figure out what a story needs

My story is missing something, but what? A novel is a complex creature. At some point in the writing process, I find I must closely re-examine the plot in order determine what the story needs. Editor Shawn Coyne’s The Story Grid method offers excellent tools. (I first wrote about this series here: “The tough nut of revision: on re-examining plot.”) Seeing…

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