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My first historical novel ‘Dark Aemilia’ is published by Myriad Editions in March 2014 and Picador US in May 2014. The novel is a fictional account of the relationship between Aemilia Lanyer, one of the first women to be published professionally as a poet in England, and William Shakespeare. My current project, commissioned by Myriad Editions, is a novel about Aphra Behn.

I’m also the author of two contemporary novels (Penguin) and a career guide for writers (Piatkus), and my short stories have been published in the UK, Australia and South Africa.

I work as a lecturer in Creative Writing at the Open University, and was awarded a PhD in English and Creative Writing by Brunel University in 2013. Previously, I worked as a journalist, freelancing for the Guardian, Sunday Times and New Scientist. I am a former Cosmopolitan New Journalist of the Year, and was shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan short story prize and the Ian St James Award.

From my website

Career tips for writers

If you want to make it as a writer, you need to forget about getting richquick, being the new J K Rowling (or E L James, put the fluffy handcuffsaway), winning the Man Booker or being on Desert Island Discs. Thesurest way to succeed is to set achievable goals, work towards them every day and…

Dealing with rejection

I have been rejected many, many times in my career as a writer - it's all part of the territory. (I know that's a cliche, but that is sort of my point.) And there never comes a stage when you are immune to it. Two years ago I couldn't even…

Boyhood - the imaginary truth

I'm interested in the way that storytelling in film relates to storytelling in fiction - and was blown away by the of intensity of  Boyhood. It exploits the cinematic medium brilliantly - film can't get inside people's heads as fiction can, but it can do things that fiction can't. Showing…

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