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An avid reader. Just finishing the first draft of a novel set in nineteenth century Cornwall.

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Q is for Quaffing

A-Z Challenge.Random Sightings No 17.Beer quaffing that is. Some pictures taken at the National Winter Ales Festival in Derby this February. The festival was held in the Derby Roundhouse, a former Victorian railway locomotive works and is conveniently close to Derby train station so no drink driving back to Leicester…

P is for Pharmacist

A-Z Challenge.Random Sightings No 16.Slight cheat today – apologies for that – as I've posted a picture of this before. It was a long time ago though. The sun is out and I should have been out with my camera taking pictures for the challenge but prior commitments have kept me…

O is for Overhead

A-Z Challenge.Random Sightings No 15.Today I'm posting some random pictures taken of the skies above.

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