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I’m the author of five mysteries featuring Roman Army medic and reluctant sleuth, Gaius Petreius Ruso. In his latest adventure, SEMPER FIDELIS (published early 2013), he and his British partner Tilla fall foul of the local centurion while trying to avoid all the hullabaloo of Hadrian’s visit to Britannia.

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England’s Westernmost Roman Town (so far).

Had a grand day out today visiting what the BBC says is “England’s westernmost Roman town“. Exeter University are running a 4-week dig there at the moment. I’m not sure they’ve actually dug up any buildings yet (tho’ there are some round houses showing on the geophys) but they do…


The good folks at Bloomsbury USA tell me that “Persona non Grata“, Ruso and Tilla’s third adventure, is a Kindle deal on for the whole of July. Apparently you can take an imaginary trip to Roman Gaul for only $1.99!* Sadly friends this side of the pond can’t access…

Judging a blog by its cover

The nice people at the publishers have decided that it’s time to redesign the covers for the Medicus series,  so we’ll be raising the tone with a little classical sculpture. TABULA RASA has a view of The Weary Hercules – I’m sure that’s exactly how Ruso sees himself at times…

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