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Rosy Cole started her ‘writing career’ in her teens. Four apprentice works led to publication of two novels. Life intervened, but she returned to authorship in 2004. She has worked as a Press Officer and Publisher’s Reader. She writes in other genres, including poetry, but a fascination with the 18th and 19th century has always been to the fore. The Berkeley Series differs from earlier work in that it falls into a hybrid class combining novel with biography. Its theme is a ’cause celebre’ involving the Prince of Wales. Social and political intrigue were to bring the main protagonist, a butcher’s daughter, to fear for her life and flee the country after a House of Lords trial and in the thick of the Napoleonic Wars. Whilst not romance, there’s a strong love theme with some surprises. Read more about the process:

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English Languish

for June CasagrandeMy Dad was one of those you citeCorrecting syntax as of rightA 'great big meany' to the coreHe put construction to the foreThe spirit of the piece was lostAnd in the basket ended tossedThe budding author withered thenAnd never showed him work again My heart was shattered by the…

Where The Spirit Leads

"Ah, Leicestershire," sighed John Wesley as his mount kickedover a stony track, "where I always feel such liberty and see butlittle fruit!"He had just taken his leave of the brethren at Markfield, thefoothold of his ministry in the Charnwood Forest, when a flushedand breathless rider came galloping alongside. At once…

A Mystical Ingredient

from A House Not Made With Hands“Plough a straight furrow, lad," William's father would counsel. "Fix your eye on the far side and never look back."The cultivation of crops and the tending of beasts ran in George Cooper's blood. Both his own and his wife's families had been farmers for…

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