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Rosanne E. Lortz “Rose” is a medieval enthusiast, a book addict, a mom to three boys, and a native of Portland, Oregon. She worked as a high school teacher for several years teaching classes in English, history, literature, and music.

Fose’s first book, I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince, is a historical adventure/romance set during the Hundred Years’ War. Her second book, Road from the West: Book I of the Chronicles of Tancred, begins a trilogy set during the First Crusade. She is currently at work writing the next two volumes in the trilogy.

In 2011, Rose and her husband David Spears founded Madison Street Publishing, a company designed to help unknown authors find their niche in the changing world of publishing. MSP specializes in historical fiction although they also publish works in other genres.

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A New Historical Fiction Award - In Honor of M.M. Bennetts

M.m. Bennetts was an important piece of the historical fiction community on-line, both in the English Historical Fiction Authors group and the Historical Novel Society. When she passed away in August, it left an obvious hole--we missed the jokes about cakey, the scathing indictments of Napoleon, the warmhearted wit, and…

Goodreads Giveaway of The Unexpected Earl

Today starts the Goodreads giveaway for the newest book put out by my publishing company, Madison Street Publishing. It's a Regency romance by Philippa Jane Keyworth, titled The Unexpected Earl. I did the editing work for this one, and I'm quite excited about the story.We chose this quote for the…

Much Ado about (Sea)Horses

My sister is getting married tomorrow, and the theme of the wedding is seahorses! I was due to have a post up on English Historical Fiction Authors the same day. It seemed a little too challenging to tie in seahorses with my period of interest, the Middle Ages, but regular,…

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