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SALISBURY, MD – A classic compendium of Eastern Shore folklore, superstitions, tall tales and humorous anecdotes has been published for the first time in an e-book version and is now available to readers at Amazon, Apple, Smashwords and other major e-book outlets. As recounted to Dorchester County author Hal Roth…

Announcing our debut title by Eastern Shore chronicler Hal Roth

The first e-book to roll off the digital presses of Secant Publishing will be, fittingly enough, the first-ever electronic edition of Conversations in a Country Store: Reminiscing on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, by Dorchester County-based Hal Roth. Hal’s name will be familiar to many as the author of eight books of…

The Oblate’s Confession

by William Peak Set in 7th century England, The Oblate’s Confession tells the story of Winwaed, a boy who – in a practice common at the time – is donated by his father to a local monastery. In a countryside wracked by plague and war, the child comes to serve…

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