Rohn Federbush

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72, I’ve written 3 Y-A historical novels of the Ann Arbor area. My website shows awards and publications.

From my website

Hastings Pudding

Titles come to me before a shred of storyline floats through my borrowed brain. The Christmas Party of MMRWA held in Hastings, Michigan developed a hint of a possible character arc. The waitress, who knew little or nothing about Hastings’ history, related she’d left Hastings years earlier only to return…

Ever Been a Secret Santa?

We have two Christmas give-away programs at my church. One is between members, the Secret Santa, and the other is called Family to Family, where one family adopts a less fortunate one for the Holidays. I will sign up for the Family to Family today. My Secret Santa experience was…

IWSG – Remember Spring

First warmth surrounds the air Then odors of the earth arise to thaw a frozen nose. The blush of yellow-green appears just as ears perceive a heightening chorus. Within a week the full promise bursts out with pastel blooms exploding over trees, lush lawns covering winter’s debris, the peeking heads…

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