Rohn Federbush

About me

72, I’ve written 3 Y-A historical novels of the Ann Arbor area. My website shows awards and publications.

From my website

Different Windows

David encouraged his best girl to follow him up the narrow staircase. “Diane, you’ll love the view.” She shook her head. How many times must she wear herself out following him up creaking staircases to capture yet another view of their home town? “Who’s going to look at all your…

Forgotten Boxes

My church is holding classes after their Wednesday night dinners for the congregation. One is called, “Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate.” We get down to the details of who gets what when we’re gone. I was imagining my granddaughter opening a shipment of mystery souvenirs from my life. Hopefully…

IWSG – Writing Encouragements

You’ve wanted to stretch your wings to include the world. Words tumbled out onto the page faster than your thoughts could keep up. Reading fed the banks of vocabulary needed to regurgitate. Ideas for novels appeared randomly from every sight and sound. The work of sitting long enough to allow…

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