Rohn Federbush

About me

72, I’ve written 3 Y-A historical novels of the Ann Arbor area. My website shows awards and publications.

From my website

Sylvester’s Trauma

He hated to leave Florida, the dogs, and the warm weather to trek through hostile airports only to spend time with her folks in Minnesota for Christmas. But what’s a guy to do. It wasn’t like he could claim they needed to start their own Christmas traditions. No children romped…

Under a Muffled Sun

A poem I wrote about my recent vacation Woods are so inviting. Clefts in the hills beckon. Moss yellowed limbs long to be touched. Curving bright streams wend their way without me. Why is it loneliness doesn’t mar the beauty? Am I the first witness to loving creation? The train…

Do You Know Ernest Gordon?

Gordon’s quotes are comforting to my youngest son who is facing a terminal illness and whose wife is divorcing him, while keeping his fifteen-year-old son’s whereabouts hidden. The following are the questions: “What is the consequence of a single life weighing less than a feather?” “What is the final destination…

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