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I recently published my first historical novel, The Golden Pinnacle. Set in Industrial Revolution America, it is the story of rags-to-riches Wall Street financier Daniel Durand and his family. Kirkus Reviews hailed it as, “A historical novel as grand and ambitious as the characters and eras it portrays.”
For further information, see the website My website and blog are at I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my wife and son. Further biographical information can be found at either website on the “About Robert Gore” tabs.

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He Said That? 3/31/15

From Jeb Bush, on the “Hugh Hewitt Show,” as reported on Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush stated that he is “nervous” about criticism of the NSA and that he wished the president would do a better job defending government … Continue reading →

The “New Era” in Healthcare: Buyouts, Financial Engineering Instead of Innovation, by Wolf Richter

From Wolf Richter, at The healthcare merger binge on Monday came in the nick of time. While the overall US economy is struggling to grow at anything faster than the puny pace of 2.3% per year, healthcare spending has … Continue reading →

Obamacare flying machine begins a death spiral, by Sean Parnell

Reality is catching up to the pipe dream that is Obamacare. It has already fallen far short of the false promises that were made to sell it. Now it is running into its own inherent contradictions. From Sean Parnell, at … Continue reading →

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