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I recently published my first historical novel, The Golden Pinnacle. Set in Industrial Revolution America, it is the story of rags-to-riches Wall Street financier Daniel Durand and his family. Kirkus Reviews hailed it as, “A historical novel as grand and ambitious as the characters and eras it portrays.”
For further information, see the website My website and blog are at I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my wife and son. Further biographical information can be found at either website on the “About Robert Gore” tabs.

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She Said That? 10/21/14

From Monica Lewinsky, delivering a speech to 1,000-plus young entrepreneurs and achievers at Forbes’ 30 under 30 Summit in Philadelphia: Sixteen years ago, fresh out of college, a 22-year-old intern in the White House — and more than averagely romantic … Continue reading →

The Canary In Big Blue’s Mainframe: Why IBM’s Q3 Bust Marks A Turning Point by David Stockman

From David Stockman at IBM has long been a poster boy for the untoward effects of central bank financial repression. For most of this century the once and faded king of tech has been in a modality of slow … Continue reading →

They Said That? 10/20/14

From Scott Gottlieb and Tevi Troy, “Ebola Isn’t a Messaging Problem,”: The broad, early assurances from Mr. Obama prove that the best political message don’t make for good public health. The public won’t be spooked by an admission that we … Continue reading →

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